Tuesday, June 17, 2008

June 16 & 17, 2008

Weather reports from the indoors and out and those walking to the movies:

From JG:
Without exaggeration, the only proper description for tonights weather in Los Angeles is perfect. The sun lit moon has showered the trees and rooftops with a beautiful night light. (Feel free to edit this sara....we are walking to the vista to see the hulk as I write this) -JG

editors note: perf as is

From Jamie M:

My house is stuffy. My house is stuffed with warm air. I'm being squashed by hot air. In my own home! It feels like something stole my home away from me and replaced it with a cube of torture. I am uncomfortable at my desk. I am uncomfortable in my bed. i am uncomfortable eating. I just want to shower in cold water and whine and fart and knife fight the person, place or thing that is responsible for this annoying, ominous HEAT HEAT HEAT. I don't know how many degrees it is outside because it doesn't matter because its 5 trillion degrees hotter in my hot cube home. the end. f$%* the heat. the end.

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