Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 9, 2008

Oh the weather today. Some people call it overcast, some call it pollution, I call it little particles of industrial afterbirth. JG read in an article that Olympic marathon runners were training in baggy sweats and face masks to condition their bodies to the pollution in China. Our air quality today inspired me to send an open invitation to all Olympic athletes to come train in LA. It’s kind of like Bejing Light.

And a science note take-away for the eve of the 365th day of 80 and Sunny:The sky itself is not full of blue-tinted particles. Instead, light waves are deflected by air molecules, and repeated collisions scatter light in all directions.

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bethany toews said...

you did it. you're awesome. I didn't realize this morning that the donuts were in celebration of 365 days as told by sara (and her guest writers all the times she was off indiana jone jetting all over the place.) congrats my friend.