Friday, September 5, 2008

September 5, 2008: Mercy Rule

The gray clouds have been hovering over me for days now, a chilly reminder of the reality that I refuse to face: I'm in Michigan and not Southern California. The 80 and Sunny weather description challenge is suffering because I didn't let it go after a year like originally planned. What was once a die-hard display of writerly discipline is now just a testament to what a bad idea it is to hang on to something that has run its course.

So 80 and Sunny: 2007-2008 Edition is going to be archived here and on a special edition hard copy zine type thing that will be sent to all my guest writers and anyone that sends me an email complimenting my hair or my hard work.

I'm letting SoCal rest for the time being. I'll let Lynch do the LA weather reports. I'm starting fresh RIGHT NOW.

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