Thursday, July 12, 2007

July 12

Almost 85 degrees today. I had the pleasure of driving around a guest from Oaklahoma City for most of the day. “Now THAT’S a blue sky,” he said. How many ways can you say a sky is blue? Blue is blue, right? We need a way to describe color presence in atmospheric (sky) terms.

I propose using a modified version of the 4 C’s for diamonds: Color, Crispy-ness, Clairty, and Cloud weight.

Today’s reading:

Color: Tweener of Cerulean and Dodger Blue.

Crispy-ness: High, polarized lenses necessary.

Clarity: #1SPV (sharp with Some Puffy clouds Visible).

Cloud weight: (judged in terms of cotton products with q-tips being very heavy, quilting filler/batting somewhere in the middle, and cotton balls being very light) today was about .25 cotton ball.

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