Monday, July 23, 2007

July 23

It happened while most of us were sleeping. Rain. I saw a bit of the temporary staining on my sidewalk early this morning but it was gone before I could look twice. Unbelievable. Who did the rain dance?

So by the afternoon everything went back to the prehistoric hotness of a proper Los Angeles summer Monday. Back to the way we were before we remembered rain. Usually we all crowd in together to wait to cross the street with our dry eyeballs and unmanageable B.O.

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hopeful romantic said...

"back to the way we were before we remembered rain." beautiful! indeed the prehistoric heat, the dry eyeballs, the b.o., it's all true, everything skl says. she's like my modern-day bible, my walking wikipedia, my dingleberry I carry in the pocket of my hungry hippo heart. everyday is 80 and sunny when skl is by your side.