Wednesday, January 2, 2008

January 2, 2008

Just because it's called 80 and Sunny doesn't mean it has always got to be about the day time weather around here.

My favorite part about flying back into Los Angeles is the first bit of information you get is the time, temp, and visibility - 9:49pm, 65 degrees, Visibility 10 miles - everything you need to know to prepare yourself for Michael Mann's LA. When you get off your plane you aren't going to be in Jay Leno's LA. This place is palm trees and falic tube structures illuminated by 80s video lights in colors such as purple and pink and green. Looks a bit like the new Motor City Casino in the city I just left. Fuschia lights look different under two feet of snow though.

Ten miles of visibility? Imagine what you could see if you were me.

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