Tuesday, August 21, 2007

August 21, 2007

It was actually pleasant today. Hotly pleasant but it didn’t cook in the afternoon like the bun broiling afternoons of the past week. Looks like we are going to be getting a break and going back down to our normal, pleasant, and expected 80 and sunny weather. It’s much better this way. Everything seems thicker when it’s in the nineties. Traffic and air, not to mention people’s boastful hot weather attitudes dominate steamy days.

You ever notice when you’re out in the Inland Empire and you take a mention at how hot it is and people will say something like, “THIS isn’t hot, it’s only onehundredandinsertsingledigit. Last week, it was HOT.” I love when people adamantly identify with local weather. It reminds me of home sweet freezing Michigan home. You cannot just roll up and tell someone how hot their town is. Funny how this doesn’t work with Los Angeles sunshine. Will there ever come a day where someone will comment on how beautiful and sunny it is and I will defensively respond by saying, “oh THIS isn’t sunny and beautiful… you should have seen it last week…”

People just don’t get defensive about beauty. They get defensive about suffering and experiencing challenging weather. And this is the kind of human insight I am uncovering through my careful analysis of Los Angeles sunbeams.

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