Monday, December 17, 2007

December 16, 2007

Patton museum.


Triple A said...

10 inches of the thickest, heaviest, whitest snow you ever did see. bet you can't wait to come home :)

no bo said...

"... in other L.A. news - It's Bay Oh Watch Wolf"
"Really -- in such immoral times, isn't capturing the 'moral high ground' a lot like kissing your sister with a Hallmark card?"
Filbert Bruce is sitting across the booth from me at Andy's Diner on La Cienega. He takes another bite of runny eggs and hash browns. He's gained ten pounds in six weeks off the job, sustaining himself on cholesterol and coffee, tortilla chips and beer.
Filbert steps and fetches for someone who steps and fetches for someone else, producing a certain t.v. show. They pay him twenty bucks an hour, but that times twelve hundred hours on a good year, is what keeps him married to Louise, his twenty-year-old Toyota.
"The water pump was ninety bucks," he says and rubs the band-aid on a knuckle, and stares across the street at Tonga's House of Nails. Tonga's standing in the open front door and waving to a lady getting in a black Mercedes. As the lady pulls away, Tonga watches the car until it disappears in traffic down the street.
Filbert likes to describe the current labor troubles as a modern update on a morality play from the Middle Ages, except, in the current version, many of the humble serfs and peasants rebelling against the landed gentry, are making over a hundred K a year.
"Really," he adds, looking back and raising his coffee mug to catch our waitress's attention, "how can there be any right and wrong, or good and bad, when everything goes phony?"
Filbert likes to ask rhetorical questions. Which is fine with me, since I can answer just by listening.