Thursday, December 6, 2007

December 6, 2007

She came back from New York today Miss Kelly K
and announced the clouds in the sky.

Oh me oh my she said
If I lived here I would die.

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no bo said...

... in other L.A. news, "Pitch & Shoot"

Not to be outdone, today Disney-ABC announced its plans for "a whole new way of making films and t.v." According to the Disney press release, they think "Pitch & Shoot" will make Hollywood a "better player" in the new, global economy.

By simplifying the process and shortening the bridge between "initial idea" and "end marketing and distribution," the studio envisions making as many as half a million films and t.v. shows a year. As one senior vice-president described it, "we're hoping that in the next ten years Hollywood will become the China of the entertainment industry."

The formula is simple, apparently, with a sample "Pitch & Shoot" going something like this:
1) (pitch, in 20 words or less) -- Guy meets Girl. Guy-Girl kiss. Have hot sex. Shower. Eat something. Get bored. Move on.
2) (breakdown) -- Seven scenes, one room.
3) (casting, 2 hours) -- Real-people actors picked at random, on different streets of L.A.
4) (contract signing, 2 minutes) -- Real-people actors sign contract stating they are not now, and never have been, members of any labor organization.
5) (shoot, 2 hours) -- Wordless "act-through" audition, recorded on high-def video.
6) (editing, 20 minutes) -- Copy shoot onto master DVD, send to lab.
7) (marketing, no time limit) -- Send copy of file to Marketing. As marketing demands may change from day-to-day, or quarter-to-quarter, all decisions here are best left open-ended, to be made by the people who understand this business.
8) (production and distribution, 2 days) -- Master DVD copied with new high-speed equipment, film copies mailed to theaters, DVDs to stores and other outlets, including www (dot) get_your_load_down_baby (dot) com.
9) Send original file to accounting.