Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18, 2007

And from the great mind of Bethany:

Friday, november 16, 2007

today the city was like a giant wound wrapped in too much gauze--everything becoming part of one big ugly bandage. trees and buildings disappeared in the pus of pollution.

saturday, november 17, 2007

brrrrr. for LA, today was cold. even the manly men couldn't help but shiver in their t-shirts.

sunday, november 18, 2007

los angeles weather is on a diet, it just keeps dropping those degrees like unwanted pounds on the adkins diet. lots of steak wrapped in bacon, and laying off the watermelon.


no bo said...

In other L.A. news: In sports, a study just released by the Finnish Institute of Surfing has determined that 2.7 times more bikini tops are visible on sunny days, than on cloudy days.

no bo said...

In other L.A. news: In the ongoing writer's strike, the head of Fox Searchlight Pictures has announced the formation of a new division, MSD, for the production of "movies sans dialogue." Among other advantages the studio foresees a great reduction in production costs, as executives will now be able to devote their full attention to business matters instead of writing script notes.
(interior, night, crowded bar)
GUY: (winks at GIRL across the bar, bumps eyebrows up and down in "woo-woo" manner)
GIRL: (gives GUY quizzical look)
GUY: (raises right hand, points at GIRL, points to his chest, makes index and second finger do "walking" thing in direction of door, then tilts head back and jerks it back and forth in humping motion, drops jaw and rolls eyes back in head, then closes eyes and lowers head onto both hands pretending to be asleep)
GIRL: (watches pantomime with some amusement)
GUY: (opens eyes, looks at GIRL, raises both hands in "so?" gesture)
GIRL: (shakes head "okay," reaches for purse)
GUY: (smiles, looks down, reaching back for wallet)
GIRL: (looks back at GUY, smiles, then flicks really long tongue across bar and wraps it around GUY's neck, yanks GUY off stool and back across bar and into her, now, three-foot-wide mouth, then swallows as face returns to normal cutesy self, winks at bartender, walks out)