Friday, November 9, 2007

November 9, 2007

From B:

63 and Hazy, who said LA was a one trick pony? As much as I usually hate gossip, rumor has it rain its on its way this weekend. I wonder if that will be on entertainment tonight?

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dt said...

web girls
20071110 13:13 - Marrakech, Morocco - 79 and scattered clouds

She's standing in the slatted light shade of a souk. By a stall that's selling "aromatic verbs and nouns." The phrase grabs my head and pulls it in. Standing just beside her, now, her bare shoulders are the cream-and-coffee color Starbucks has been trying to make for 20 years. Hair black as starless night. Eyes brown, like arrows in a "Matrix" sequel. What they see can pass right through you with no sound. Pass through walls. The earth. After 20 mega-years of hunting-gathering mating, this is "the one" look that makes us want to come.

- dt